Simi Valley

Why Shop Local

Shopping here for everything from cars to computers makes our city stronger and builds a brighter future for all of us. It also helps you find the products and services you want, at the right price. In fact, shopping Simi Valley first helps in more ways than you might think.

  1. Discounts from participating businesses:
    Most of the businesses in the Directory offer discounts and special offers, so you save while supporting our local economy.
  2. More consumer choices:
    More successful local businesses means more choices for you as a consumer, so you have a better selection of products and services.
  3. Faster and easier to find what you’re looking for:
    Finding the products and services you want here in Simi Valley saves you time and the expense of driving to neighboring cities.
  4. Sales tax pays for public services:
    With every local purchase, part of your sales tax pays for public programs and services that make our city better, from the Senior Center to youth programs, road repairs, and police services.
  5. Helps create jobs and opportunities:
    Local purchases support local businesses so they can grow, which means more jobs, better wages, and more opportunities.
  6. Supports community causes and organizations:
    Local businesses are big contributors to community organizations and activities, from school events to youth sports, and your support helps them support our community.
  7. Generates a multiplier effect:
    Shopping locally creates a multiplier effect: the more times a dollar circulates in Simi Valley, the more income, wealth, and jobs it generates.
  8. Improves local economic sustainability:
    Simi Valley is a proud and independent community. Shopping locally strengthens our economy, encourages entrepreneurship, attracts more businesses, and improves local economic sustainability, self-reliance, and control of our economic future.
  9. Creates a stronger sense of community:
    Shopping locally strengthens the relationship between residents and businesses, and reinforces a sense of community and common cause.
  10. Shows you care:
    Shopping locally sends a powerful message and shows your family, friends, and coworkers how much you care about your community.