Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Muse

Perched atop a hill with sweeping views of the southland, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is one of California?s most beautiful and unique destinations. Open since 1991, but wholly renovated in 2011, the galleries were designed to bring history to life. Where else in California can visitors walk onboard an actual Air Force One aircraft that flew seven U.S. presidents, touch an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall, or lay a hand on a real steel beam recovered from the World Trade Center after 9-11?

Experience the studio days that shaped his future role as the ?great communicator.? View an exact replica of the White House Oval Office where President Reagan faced difficult decisions as Commander-in-Chief. Step aboard and tour through Air Force One 27000 to learn how Reagan changed the face of global diplomacy. Reflect at President Reagan?s memorial site, where he was laid to rest on June 11, 2004.

Visitors may also enjoy the Library?s outdoor grounds, where you can stroll through replicas of the White House Rose Garden and West Lawn. There are also two restaurants on site.

World class special exhibits rotate through the Library a few times per year. For the latest exhibit updates, please visit

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