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Jack The Roofer
We proudly offer all of these services for residential and commercial locations. T-24 Roofing Systems (Cool-Roofs) Unlike conventional roofs, cool roofs stay at or near ambient temperatures even on the hottest summer day. Cool roofing is defined by the radiative properties known as solar reflectance and thermal emittance. New Roofs Need a new roof? We install tile, shingle, and flat roofs using on the best materials. Roof Repair Is your roof dry-rotted or have termites? We can fix it! Skylights We can add skylights to your new or current roof. Save money on electricity by letting in some natural light. Metal Roofs Doesn't rot, crack, warp, curl, split, flake, peel, break, burn, or blow off! Metal roofs are the most resistant roofing material to hail, fire, and wind, being able to endure wind speeds of up to 120mph. New Gutters Adding new gutters to your home can help prevent rot and erosion and help keep the foundation stable.
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